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Our next meeting set down for  Saturday, 4th June,  at 11 am has now been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. A new date will be advised in due course.

UPCOMING DATES – PRESIDENTS DAYS –                  South Tamworth – Tuesday, 31st May.                        North Tamworth – Tuesday, 7th June.

PENNANT SELECTION for 2022 – . Entries close 10th June, 5pm. Need ID number too please.

DISTRICT PAIRS AND TRIPLES ARE COMING UP IN JULY. District Pairs are being played 0n  18th July, and Triples on 25th July.  Entries for both of those close on 17th June. Sheets are on the board to enter those.  With the triples there will be Over 60’s as well this year the same time as the open triples.    The Singles and Fours wont be played until January 2023.

WESTS CITY OF LIGHTS MIXED CARNIVAL 27TH/28TH AUGUST.     Find a team and get ready to put your entries in.

SOCIAL BOWLS           Played TUESDAY and FRIDAY’s at 1pm.  .

COMPETITION RESULTS  –  CONSISTENCY SINGLES – C.Whitten d M.Farrell after 30 ends and in very light rain 150 to 145. Great contest ladies.

DRAWS – SATURDAY – 28TH MAY, 1PM – CLUB PAIRS – ( L.Hooker, C.Schipp V S.Hogan, M.Peak – NOT ON NOW). 9,15 am –   C/SHIP FOURS – N.Hill, M.Guest, R.Schumaker, D.Kelly V Lisa Harrison,  M.Stannard, B.Swain, S.Stanton.  

DRAWS SUNDAY – 29TH MAY – 9.30 AM – FINAL C/SHIP SINGLES – S.Stewart V L.Hooker (M.C.Whitten).       

1PM – FINAL C/SHIP TRIPLES – S.Stewart, M.Farrell, L.Easterman V D.Kelly, M.Guest, N.Hill. 

DRAWS SATURDAY – 4TH JUNE – 1PM – CLUB TRIPLES –   S.Hogan, N.Hill, A.Guy V M.King, L.Hooker. M.Peak.          CLUB PAIRS – M.Ryman, M.Guest V T.Ellicott, T.Fergusson.     

Circumstances (like the weather) could cause some of these draws to change but they are the plan for now.   The Mixed Pairs final for 2021 was won by M. Stannard,  (sub for Z.Stewart). and M. Hooker 17 to 15 against M.Guest and J.Vella.  A close game, congratulations Mel and Matt.      













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