State Champions

West Tamworths team of Margie Farrell, Annie Guy, Sherilee Stewart and Zoe Stewart played extremely well in their games at the WBNSW inaugural State Mixed Pairs Finals.

Sixteen teams from across the state met at Belmont Bowls Club to battle it out for the flag on their brand new undercover greens.

The teams were split in to pools of four with the winners of each pool to play the semi final.

Wests were off to a good start in the first game but the other team from Forbes fought back with three good ends in a row to get themselves a good lead Wests came back to narrow the margin late in the game but went down by nine shots.

In the next game against North Epping the team lifted themselves with great bowls by their lead Margie for her and Annie build some heads for the rest of the team.

Sherilee and Zoe followed with great bowls as well with Zoe playing some awesome bowls to get back shots back from the other team.

They managed to win this game by 10 shots which they would need to counter the first game loss.

They went into the last game in their pool with all teams with one win each so a win would still give them a chance to win their pool.

They started well against Temora Ex Services with Zoe playing some bombs in the first few ends to get shots back after the opposition skip came through with some good bowls of her own.

With the team playing so well they soon had a good lead and managed to keep momentum until the end of the game to win by ten shots.

The other results ensured them a spot in the semifinals on Sunday morning.

In the semi fnal they were up against Bomaderry and at this stage of the competition all of the teams were more than capabable of winning the flag.

West Tamworth having got this far wanted to give it their best shot. Margie led well again and Annie played her best game of the weekend.

Sherilee backed up with some great shots and rising star Zoe continued in awesome form to once again give them a lead.

They continued this through the game and won 18 to 7 and did not have to play the last end.

Saint Johns Park had a good win over Windang to ensure their spot in the final.

Saint Johns Parks team had been playing well and were looking strong to win with West Tamworth going in as underdogs.

Wests won the first end of the final but SJP took over after that to secure a 7 to 1 lead. Wests dug deep and some great shots by Sherilee inspired zoe to lift her game and they fought their way back to level the scores. SJP kept up their form and skipped away again with wests fighting back again to level the scores at 13 all.

On the 3rd last end SJP managed to get some bowls out of the head and grab a four.

With two ends left wests needed some good bowls to give themselves a chance. SJP were holding two when Sherilee played a great bowl to draw inside them SJP were very close with ther next but wests still held the shot. Sherilees second bowl was better than her first and managed to sit in front of the SJP bowls. With wests holding two shots Zoe needed to play to the jack without moving it she played an absolute corker to do just that.

SJP’s skip tried to play with  little weight in to the shot bowls but got caught by a short bowl. Zoe the played the shot of the day to come in to the shot bowl and back cut the jack to get four shots.

The last end saw the teams locked at 17 all and Margie through the jack long to the tee. Her first bowl was passed the jack but still handy.

SJP put their first bowl in the ditch and Margie changed to her backhand and drew a fantastic bowl 6 inches short of the jack and right on the line.

Annie followed this up with two great bowls either side of the jack. SJP had bowls at the back and attacked the head and managed to remove some bowls but left a very small target for the skip.

Zoe went to the back for cover and SJP just missed with their last bowl to give Wests the win.

Wests win was celebrated with many cheers and tears from supporters and players alike as well as those watching the live stream on the big screen at our club.

This was one of the greatest finals many had seen were the comments in the crowd .

Belmont Bowls Club should be extremely proud of their facility and their people who did a great job organising it all.